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DIY Bridesmaids Boxes
DIY, Friends, Inspiration
DIY Bridesmaids Boxes
Bruna Camargo
July 1, 2015

I have been officially engaged for two MONTHS today! Yay! Although it feels like an eternity, at the same time it feels like it just happened, but that I also have so much time until our wedding, but really it might as well be tomorrow. #BrideLogic

I never understood how much work, slices of sanity, and large chunks of one's bank account it takes to have one little wedding – but really, whose wedding is ever little?!  

Amongst the things that I've accomplished in these past two months, is the selection of my bridesmaids. I have picked 6 wonderful ladies that I love wholeheartedly and I would literally rip my hair out without at this time. In order to properly propose to them, I put together a little Bridesmaids Box in hopes they'd say yes. 

THEY ALL DID (and some of them even cried), so I must have done something right. 😉 Here's the breakdown of how I put together six DIY Bridesmaids Boxes – and now you can, too!

Top / Parte de Cima
It will be messy. But oddly satisfying.
I included two photos inside the frame for them – one recent and one old. Here's my sister and I in 1996. 😉
Perfect time to debut your new wedding hashtag! Ours is #PedroLovesBruna.



1. Stain:
Unfinished Wood Box – $4.99
Trimaco Supertuff™ Cheesecloth – $2.84 
Deco Art Americana 2 oz. Wood Gel Stain – $1.49
Craft Smart® Craft & Stencil Brush Set, 8 Pieces – $1.89

Stain the wood using a cheesecloth on a clean surface. Make sure you're protecting your clothes because this obviously will not come off. Use a brush to get parts that are hard to reach.

2. Paint: 
Martha Stewart Crafts® Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint – Ballet Slipper $1.99 
Martha Stewart Crafts® Multi-Surface Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint – Yellow Gold $ 1.29

Paint the inside of your box in the gold color, then carefully paint the edges light pink. 

3. Design:
Martha Stewart Crafts® Laser-Cut Stencils, Flourish – $11.63
Martha Stewart Crafts® Fair Isle Dots Adhesive Stencils – $8.72
FolkArt® Peel & Stick Painting Stencils, Old School Alphabet – $4.74 

Once all the stain and paint have dried, secure your stencils where you want them and use a smaller brush to fill in the designs. This part is especially difficult as you'll be reusing the stencils many times and need to watch any leftover paint underneath them that might cause your designs to be smudged.

4. Finish:
Recollections™ Craft It™ Washi Tape – Light Pink $12.99

I used different designs of Washi tape to add a special finishing touch on the pink edges of the boxes. In retrospect, I should have also used a varnish or sealer on top of it so make sure it stays put. 



Fill your box with things that will speak to you and your bridesmaids! Here's what I picked:

Celebrate It™ Paper Crinkle, Jumbo – $3.99
Hirschberg® Modern Romance™ Green Leaf Picks – $6.99
Celebrate It™ Occasions™ Decorative Rose Petals – $9.99
Smashbox Wondervision Lipgloss (Set of 5) – $29.50
Pretty necklace of your choice
Woodcrafter Thin Square Wood Picture Frame – $1.49
Recollections™ Craft It™ Patterned Clothespins – $3.99
Hershey's Almond Nuggets 12 oz. bag – $3.50
Celebrate It™ Occasions™ Chalk Table Plaques & Stands Set of 24 – $9.99
Mini Crown Royal or other mini booze of your choice – $2
Curling Ribbon – $3.99 

Photo: InklingsPaperie


And to finally ASK them to be my bridesmaids, I included this scratch-off card I found on Etsy from InklingsPaperie. So fun to personalize each message inside and underneath the ballon (i.e. bridesmaids or maid of honor). And you can be as witty or emotional as you want here. Tears are welcome. 🙂

$18 for a set of 6.

Ana, Sarah, Lauren, Gabi, Sarah & Katie. <3

You can customize your box to include as many things as you want and also to fit your budget. My total for this DIY Bridesmaids Boxes was about $26 per box, which I didn't think was too crazy!

It may be a lot of work, but your girls will know just how much you're looking forward to their help, guidance, and love in the months to come.

Have you DIY'd your own wedding things before? What did you think of mine? Leave me your thoughts in the comments below!