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Detroit, MI

The journey to finding your style starts with finding yourself.



The journey to finding your style starts with finding yourself.



Bruna Camargo

You haven't known comfort until you covered your entire upper half in enormous bulky sweaters and layers upon layers of warmth. Make no mistake, even with a raging hangover, giant knits can give you that I'm-chic-and-I-know-it-but-let's-pretend-I-got-ready-in-3-minutes-or-less look — which is probably true anyway (I know, it's really confusing).

Last night's hair under a hat and makeup remnants that speak of a Saturday night well spent also add to the allure of effortlessness. That's also known as boho chic, not to be confused with hobo chic. But you know what they say... 

If the ankle bootie fits, wear it and get it to the nearest Starbucks before your head explodes. 

Port: Inverno chegando e eu quero mais é me embrulhar num cobertor e ir trabalhar assim mesmo. Como não dá pra fazer isso sem parecer alucinada, a gente caça com gato, ou arranja um casaco que é praticamente uma manta com mangas. O que e muito legal de fazer nessa época do ano e apostar nas "layers," camadas e camadas de pecas diferentes que criam um look super-interessante com texturas e cores.  

Aquele look sem esforço nenhum, sabe? Junta a malha gigante com o cabelo-de-ontem-à-noite, uma ressaquinha básica e a make que você ficou com preguiça de tirar, e voilà:

O chamado "bohemian chic," que dependendo do seu ponto de vista chega até ser um "mendigo chic,"  prontinho! kkkk



TOP: Plaid Long Jacket: Thrifted [similar] // Bulky Cardigan Sweater: Elle and The Sea [similar]
Mock neck Tee: American Apparel // Black top: Tahari [similar] 

BOTTOM: Jeans: Hollister // Ankle Booties: H&M 

ACCESSORIES: Tribal Band Wide-Brimmed Hat: Forever 21 [similar] // Leather Hobo Bag: Loeffler Randall 

JEWERLY: Rose Gold Knot Bangle: Kate Spade
Gold Cuff: House of Harlow 1960 & Shimmer Drop Earrings: Gorjana c/o RocksBox 
[Get a free month of RocksBox jewelry here!]

#TBT: The Happiest Outfit On Earth

Bruna Camargo

This is the happiest outfit on Earth hanging out at the happiest place on Earth, Magic Kingdom at Disney. Alright, maybe it's a little bit of an exaggeration, but going to Disney for the first time since I was 18 did make me the happiest girl on Earth. And that's even without meeting Elsa, the Ice Queen. 

Today is kind of a perfect day to share this post, since it's a #TBT of a few weeks ago, AND there's a foot of snow falling outside. So let us reminisce on my days of sunshine, Mickey Mouse and margaritas before I turn into Olaf. :(

Port: Esse é o look mais feliz do mundo, passeando no lugar mais feliz do mundo, a Magic Kingdom na Disney. Tudo bem, talvez seja um pouco de exagero, mas eu não ia pra Disney desde que fiz 18 anos, e gente... Quem aguenta não se sentir uma criança feliz nesse lugar? E isso tudo mesmo sem encontrar a tal da Elsa, a Rainha do Frozen!

Hoje é um dia perfeito para esse post, já que é um #TBT de algumas semanas atrás, tem um metro de neve caindo ali fora. Por isso, vamos relembrar meus dias de sol, Mickey Mouse e margaritas antes que eu me transforme no Olaf. :(


Floppy Hat: Santa Monica Promenade [similar] // Mimi Daisy Tunic Dress: Gypsy Junkies // Bag: Forever 21 [similar] // Sunnies: Balenciaga // Leather Turquoise Wrap Bracelet  // White Sneakers



Beachwear Kaftan: H&M [similar] // Floppy White Beach Hat // Black Bikini: H&M [similar] // Sunnies: Kate Spade [similar]

Baby Lucas is still the cutest.

Snap me at @bruntunes! 


Bruna Camargo

So, I realize that the act of calling something/someone "basic" is just a form of projection of your true inner-self and what it really means is that you're sad you gained some weight over the last couple of months and you're mad the skinny(er) girls are wearing leggings as pants. Right? I know it hurts, but let's just get it over with. Do we have that out of the way? Because I'd like to bring back what the ACTUAL word basic means: 

Basic noun
basics : the simplest and most important parts of something (such as what to wear for fall.)

For the last couple of weeks I've been taking fall basics (sweaters, jackets, shoes) and making it non-basic (fancy, sparkly, different) by embellishing pieces and prettifying my daily uniforms. So without further ado and further judgment, here it is: 


The Cape:

Who knew, that something that was recently known as a damn poncho, would come back with such force in the fall of 2014? Well, I knew. Because it was only a matter of time before Daryl Dixon started dictating fashion. 

Non-basicness grade: 8/10

You can get this one from Forever 21 here.

The Shoulder Pads and Leather:

This is a simple jacket, but its non-basic status is gained by these fluffly shoulder pads and fake pockets with zippers (function? fashyun.).

Also, have you noticed how leather pants like these are just like sweatpants on the comfort scale, except they look like you tried really hard?

Finally, this bag has held my entire life lately. It fans out to be a giant Hermione-esque black hole and things get lost in there. It's a glorified grocery bag. But aren't they all?

Non-basicness grade: 9/10

This jacket is from Zara. You can get one from BCBG here. // These leather pants are from H&M. Get them here. // This bag is Badgley Mischka. Here. But cheaper here.

The Baby and The "Natural-Look" Makeup:

If you ever need an excuse to why your hair looks like crap and you're not really wearing any makeup, borrow the youngest member of your family. No one needs to know it's your nephew and they will empathize with your faux motherhood.

Bonus points if the baby dresses better than you do, and you don't even need to worry about that, because you're likely not dressing the adorable child in all your Instagram photos.

Non-basicness grade: 10/10

You can get a baby by badgering your siblings to reproduce. 

The Unironic Grandma Sneakers:

Shoes like these were my biggest nightmare when I was in my teen years. I always thought they made my size 10 feet look even bigger. Truth is, they still do. But you know what they say about big feet... bigger in-store shoe choices.

Non-basicness grade: 6/10

You can get these white Keds-like sneakers for a mere $8 here.

The Earcuff:

Honestly, the bigger earcuff the better. Add sparkle, color and texture. Make your ear a topic of conversation like it hasn't happened since your stick-on earrings fell off in the 3rd grade and you made everyone look for it under their desks.

Non-basicness grade: 7/10

You can get a cuff like this one from Forever 21 here.


The Questionable Footwear Part 1:

Socks are socks, but why should your socks look like everyone else's socks? They shouldn't. Pick your favorite motif and run with it. I picked frenchies. 

Non-basicness grade: 9/10

You can get these French bulldog socks from ASOS here.

More into pugs? Well, knock your socks off here. Cats OK, too.

The Questionable Footwear Part 2:

If your shoes could speak, what would they say about you? Mine would say "I have the chutzpah to wear metallic cut-out lace-up oxfords and to say chutzpah without being jewish."

Non-basicness grade: 8/10

You can get these silver cut out brogues from ASOS here.

The Emoji Halloween Costume:

Technically, this is as basic as you can get. But also pretty creative and it elevated my crafty status as I enveloped toilet paper rolls with electric tape and stuck them on a headband.

Cute, timeless and fun af. Get your Dancing Girls Emoji Costume on next year.

Non-basicness grade: 6/10

If you can get one of your friends to commit to standing on one leg with you all night, then everyone wins. 


A baby, hair that would look like crap if it were down, an ear cuff and the unironic grandma shoes (not picture).

Non-basicness grade: 10/10

Bravo, self. Bravo.